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All websites created are highly optimised to load as fast as possible in all devices.


All projects duration of completion is lower than the current market time.


Our designs are clean with high precision.

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About Xiloop

Xiloop is an independent company established in 2019 with the sole objective to help small businesses and individuals to satisfy their IT needs.

We offer all shapes and sizes of websites to satisfy your needs. 

Tools & Technologies



Flexible Designs

Our team of designers and developers create all types of designs as per your request.

Web Hosting

Not only do we design websites, we will setup your hosting for you to complete your website faster.

Customer Support

Our support team will reply to your inqueries within a day. Our customers are satisfied with our support. For further information, check below.

Domain Registration

We will find the best possible domain name for your website and register it in your name.

Logo Brainstorm

We take your request and brainstrom the perfect fit to make your logo unique, simple and clean.

Android App Development

Got an app idea? We will create that for you!

Full Option

We pick your domain, host it in very fast servers, develop your website, design your logo, and publish it, all in this process.

Business Advice

Our group of counselors will provide you expert advice on how to move forward with your business.


We create an in-depth planning documentation which will consist of weekly calls/meetings to provide and discuss the progress of your project.

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Address: Australia

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